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Taizhou Jiansheng Machine Co., Ltd. is a specialist Manufacturer of plastic machinery and molds and has accumulated over twenty years' experiences in machine and mold manufacturing.

Our self-developed proud products, JS-series multit-purpose blowing machines and JS series molde, are dependable, durable and extensively applicable for various plastics including PET, PP, PE, PC, PA, PS etc. Some key technologies involved in these machines and molds are first-ever in China.

We have been actively engaged in the improvement of used technologies and invention of new technologies related to plastic molding, so as to make our products better geared to market and achieve unbeaten advantages over our competitors. To meet the demands for hot-filling containers, highly transparent PP containers for medical infusion applications, and high-quality high-yield PET containers, we particularly developed PP bottle blowing machines, PET hot-filling bottle blowing machines and its accessories, as well as JS600, JS2000, JS4000, JS6000 automatic blowing machines which are all very popular amongst the users.

High performance cost ratio and well-developed after sales services make our products fast sellers not only in China but in many countries and regions in America, Africa, Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia etc as well.