General Specifications
Specification Gathers the moldstrenghth ( KN) 160 The theory produces energy(BPH) 350-500
Mold traveling schedule(mm) 310 Electric power specification Total power consumption(KW) 75
Pulls rises the traveling schedule(mm) 480 Thermal rating(KW) 73
Jar Spacing Air pressure specification Service pressure(kg/cm2) 8
Mold hole number(cavity) 1 Low pressure gas consumption(1tr/min) 800
Bottle specification bottle maximum capacity(L) 20 Blows the bottle pressure(Kg/cm2) 35
Max. tooth department size(mm) 110 High-pressured gas consumption(1tr/min) 6000
Max.Bottle diameter 300 Machine weight Machine size(M) 3.6*1.7*2.5
Max.Bottle body height(mm) 480 Machine weight(T) 3.8

Main Parts
No. Part Name Brand
1 cylinder FESTO(Germany)
2 magnetic valve FESTO(Germany)
3 atomized lubricator oil-water separator Low pressure relief valve FESTO(Germany)
4 high-pressure valve PARKER (U.S.A)
5 proximity switch OMRON(JAPAN)
6 touch screen TAIWAN WEI LUN
7 converter Mitsubishi(JAPAN)
8 seal ring ITALY
9 PLC Mitsubishi(JAPAN)
10 high-pressure valve SMC(JAPAN)

Technical Reference
  JS 600D
Pcs/hr กก 300กซ500
Bottle volume L 10กซ20
Preform inner diameter mm งถ110
Max.bottle diameter mm งถ300
Max.bottle height mm 480
Cavity Pc 1
Main machine size M 3.6 x 1.7 x 2.5
Weight T 3.8